Brian the Scorchio
Gender Male
Status Alive
Plush appearence Gormball Game, Mario's Pet

Brian is a orphan red Scorchio from the world of Neopia, he loves the Gormball Game with his friends, he is now on Earth and was adopted by Mario who take care of him, he helped to defeat Bowser and save Peach who was inprisoned. He is a western dragon-like.


Plush scorchio baby

a baby Brian hatches from dragon egg.

During his childhood, he was born in the dragon egg from the desert of the Neopia, his parents work on the volcano to make weapons for other dragons, when his parents are killed by the Scordrax, Samuel decides to sends him on the planet Earth. On Earth, he was adopted by Mario and discovered by Sonic, Silver, Shadow and Knuckles. Brian becomes Mario's pet and helps him to save Peach from her captive and defeated Bowser and his minions for good.

Brian is now a courageous dragon who battles the force of evil with the help of his friends.


Brian loses his parents